Friday, 14 October 2011

Title For High School Revenge

I have set about on getting on with the logo for our film. After a quick chat with Dave and some hard work in trying to find the text that suited our film i have come up with a logo that i feel fits perfectly with what type of genre the film is going to be.

I gave it the extra touch of blood trickling down the letters as it gives it that extra spooky look, as well as keeping in touch with the 50s style. Hopefully with some feedback from Dave and Chris i can finish this off or change it anyway they feel it could benfit and then start on the next part of the project.


  1. Im still waiting for this apparent synopsis merge... lol kinda stuck without it! I like the one with a grey background... it sort of feels like, kind of clean and dull like School is but still somewhat dirty. Good job ;)

  2. Yer i thought dave was coming up with the synopsis merged from our two ideas?? I will do a quick synopsis of the two and see what you think