Thursday, 20 October 2011

High School Revenge - Final Synopsis

The film follows a girl who suffers from the hands of malicious bullying, which gets to her and torments her life. She is innocent and shy, keeps herself to herself and doesn't put out any confidence. It is easy to see a change in someone like this, especially when this change comes from a source of ones own inner frustrations that surface to life quickly and in a physical manifestation.

One day the girl Melissa runs to the toilet crying, helpless to herself and broken down. She looks at her own image in the mirror before her, feels a strong surge of self dislike and bows her head in sadness. As she looks away however, we see her reflection still looking back at her, full of rage and anguish. The light flickers, the room goes dark and we hear a scream.

The next day a few of the bullies that victimise Melissa have gone missing, the teachers are concerned so the police are called. A Detective comes to the School to investigate the incident, where he comes to find that nobody knows anything of where these girls have gone.

One R.E lesson, a teacher notices the usually frail and quiet Melissa sat there at the front, drawing in her work book. What he comes to find is these images are not of what he would expect to see, they are demonic images suggestive to the disappearance of the girls that the detective is trying to discover. Melissa has an attitude which doesn't match her usual self, so he knows there is something seriously different about her. He lets it pass with somewhat a mindful concern to keep his eye on her in worry that she may be at harm.

One afternoon the teacher discovers Melissa standing behind a girl at the top of a flight of stairs. Using some unknown force she pushes the girl down the stairs. The teacher is both scared and stunned, he now knows who is causing the problems within the School. He decides that due to the paranormal aspect of what he witnessed and the dark images that he saw within the girls book that the only way to deal with this situation is by calling on the services of a Priest.

They get Melissa to be interviewed by the Priest and the Detective after the Teacher tells them everything that he has witnessed. The Priest reads Melissa's book and discovers the pictures suggestive to the incidents in the School and the fact that this is not who it seems to be sitting in front of them. The Detective decides to stay with the Girl and hold her in custody, while the Priest and the teacher go to the place that her picture suggests. They go to enter the Janitors closet in which the picture depicts Melissa to be and as they do the light starts subtly flickering in the corridor. As they open the door and discover Melissa to be curled up in the closet, we see the camera pan around and the lights flicker once again to reveal the evil girl to be standing behind them.

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