Thursday, 13 October 2011

Further Character Design

These are just some quick sketches i did for a few of the characters. The main character obviosuly probably wont be carrying an axe but just quick ideas i had.. Hopefully we can build further from these, i will be doing some cg forms of the main character today.

Along with the main character the police officer or private detective sort of character is going to be a definate, so these two will be enhanced further. By the end of the weekend im hoping these two charcters will be a lot more resolved.

Finally i thought about Chris' idea of having a priest come to the school to help. In films such as the exorcist the priest is a very scary looking character, but as ours could have the element of humour i gave the priest both an evil spooky look, or the clumsy, fat oafish look.

By the end of the weekend with further discussions with the group, im hoping that we can crack on with individual tasks and move the project along.

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