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High School Revenge trailer script (PLUS FINAL UPDATE)

High School Revenge
Freemind Animations 

By Dave, Matt and Chris

*Freemind animated logo*/Fades into the first scene through black.

We hear a School Bell, hear the busy nattering voices of children and see the School come into focus. The Camera slowly zooms into the School.

Flash fade into the next scene.

The Camera follows the victimised School Girl Melissa in the Canteen, carrying her lunch tray, head down, with a slight tremble in her posture. (In the background to her we see the vicious, pointed, intimidating silhouettes of other School Children who are chanting at her in the background.)

*Narrators voice* "In the School, she is victim."

The camera angle changes suddenly to be in front of Melissa, where we see her being tripped up and fly forward towards the screen.

*Her tray and food scatter around the room with a loud metallic crash, sinister coaxing laughter errupts through the scene* We see Melissa's face look up, with a sad and worried expression on her face, yet so helpless she almost appears too exhausted to convey too much response.

*music paces on/scene fades out*

Narrator "But not for long"

*scene cuts in suddenly* We hear heavy breathing noises, quick footsteps of Melissa running down a corridor. The brief scene of the girl's panting mouth, anxiously running down the corridor fills the screen. Slam. *door closes*

The scene changes and we see Melissa in the toilet in front of the mirror by the sinks.

Narrator "When your so full of fear and hate, it becomes your reality"

The girl looks up, the sound of a heartbeat becomes louder, the panting goes away. The lights start to flicker.

*Sudden zoom in closer*

Narrator "A reality which can consume all that is good within you"

The lights cut out, with Melissa seemingly unaffected.

Melissa, crying with a helpless expression looks down into her hands in front of the mirror. Her reflection however, looks back up at her *heartbeat sound stops suddenly* with a look of malicious intent, with an unhomely look in comparison to the Girls regular appearance. The evil looking "twin" of this girl smiles with a scary, intimidating grin. The scene fades and we hear the girl scream.

*Scene cuts straight to the outside of the principles office. we can see the silhouette of the principle through his door window,

the scene stays static throughout.*

Principle "Hello there Detective, I would like to report the strange disappearance of some of my pupils who failed to show up today, their parents said they all left to come in. Please ensure they have not got themselves into mischief, or that they are out of harms way. Thank you."

*music intensifys briefly, cuts to black at the same time the phone is hung up*

*Scene pans in from the right to left, from behind something instead of fading up from the black to ensure a smooth, different transition with the Detective questioning the pupils about the disappearance.* These scenes show different angles with the detective questioning the pupils as still images where the camera moves across them. This invokes a film noir, comic book style feel to the building action.

(amongst the nattering, random scats of chatter to students)

Detective "Have you seen these girls?"
Random School Children "No sir"
Detective "I am investigating the disappearance of your fellow students, have you heard anything?"
Random School Child "I thought they must just be off ill"
Detective "Is there a place these girls could like to hide?"
Random School Child "I don't know of them, I couldn't say"
Detective "Theres nothing, nothing at all..."

*scene changes to a busy classroom full of students*

Narrator "When a hunter is hiding amongst its prey, they cannot stay hidden forever"

The scene changes to a classroom, with religious imagery plotted around the room to suggest it is an R.E class.The teacher paces down the aisle, inspecting students work over their shoulders. He comes to stop at one student at the front of the class. It is Melissa.

*camera looks over Melissa's shoulder, you can clearly see in the book demonic imagery* The scene then turns onto the teachers worried expression, concerned by what he has seen. *chilling horror sounds flood the few moments the teacher realises Melissa's evil drawings as it changes to the next scene*

Narrator "Evil can never get away unnoticed with such an act"

*Scene is in a meeting with the Detective questioning the teacher about the source of the missing girls*

Detective "Have you seen anything suspicious Sir?"
Teacher "No, no I haven't, well... *the teachers face somewhat anxious thinking about Melissa's unusual drawings* no Sir, if I do I will report back to you immediately"

The Scene changes to the music becoming more intense, the teacher witnessing Melissa using some kind of magical force to hurtle a student down some stairs. "Your coming with me, theres things we must talk about" says the Teacher, nervously. The heartbeat sound thuds louder again, then surprisingly Melissa agrees. "OK, Sir." *holds out her hand to make the audience feel somewhat uncomfortable, some form of chilling noise needed here*

The scene changes, the heartbeat stops, the music is up in the air to reflect the confusing manner of the situation with the Teacher handing over the book with Melissa's drawings in.Teacher, passing over the book says "Here, I have found something very odd and unlike a certain child I know of, I would like you to take a look." The detective takes the book and opens it. "We will need the School priest for this issue" he says, with the camera zoomed into his face as he suggests it to make the notion seem sterner.

Note the pace of the scene changes is getting quicker to intensify the trailer and make it feel more exciting towards the end as it gets darker.

The next scene, camera is behind the girl sitting in the classroom, with the teacher, detective and priest all around her.

Priest "What is this imagery you draw of child? What do you mean of it? You do realise this is a Church of England establishment?"

Melissa says coldly "You and your friends will find out in time."

Narrator "Evil can play games that innocence cannot perceive"

The camera cuts to behind the Priest who is analysing the book, one picture directly suggesting where the original Melissa hides away, he immediately instinctively figures this to be the source of the problems. "The Lord instructs we must go here" he says. "Detective, you stay with the girl, make sure she is not to leave."In the background, Melissa's evil grin plays on her face once again.

Scene changes to the music louder and more intense, the priest and the teacher scurrying down the corridor reminiscent of Melissa's original purge to the toilet.

Cuts to black/fades up into view of the janitors closet.

Cuts to the Priest and the Teacher's facial expressions nodding in agreement with one another to enter. Scene cuts back to behind them opening the door, the lights begin the flicker. The heartbeat sounds intensify once more. It cuts to their faces once more, surprised, gasping in shock to find Melissa laying in front of them. Cuts to the open doorway to see Melissa there in front of them, with the missing girls hanging around her.

The lights dull down completely. The scene cuts to looking directly in front of the Priest and the Teacher, only to have the dark Melissa standing behind them. The expression on Melissa's evil face draws a wide, nasty grin, scowling up directly at the camera with her head down.

Melissa "Peekaboo"

The scene goes black. Title appears. Narrator "High School Revenge. Coming to get you soon."


Freemind Animations

UPDATED SCRIPT - This has been simplified into a new story altogether to make animating and the effect of the peice far more uncanny and spine chilling to endure.

High School Revenge Script
By Chris Simmons and Dave Ratcliffe

Intro to trailer

*Company logo fades in through black with soft eerie music chanting in the background* “Free mind Animations presents” (time approx 3 seconds)
*Sound of thunder booms through the fade back into a black screen which flashes up with the silhouette of the evil girl, then back up into the film logo* (time approx 5 seconds)
*We fade into a scene of a City through a window, camera moving over the City scape from several angles, we hear sirens and busy traffic*
*Music plays out seemingly more distant to its opening appearance as it enters the quiet space of the detective*
*Camera pans down from ceiling fan to the detective sitting smoking. Cut to a clock ticking for a few seconds, then return to the detective as a close up of his lips pulling on the Cigarette. Cut to full body shot of the Detective.*
Ghost Detective “It was a cold night in the City, as cold as the evil I was about to pursue.”
(Scenes time approx 10 seconds)
“New South Acres, 1953, I was called in to investigate on a strange series of events following the mysterious deaths at the local long abandoned high school where many say the ghost of a bullied child still lurks to this day to get her revenge on the adults that never helped her.”
*Close up of Detectives face again/fade into new scene showing several news papers reporting deaths at the local high school. Music at this point picks up in pace.* - “What could be lurking in this troublesome place?”

(Scenes time approx 15-20 seconds)

Mid section of trailer

*Slams into darkness once again – We hear the sound of a little girl laughing over the pitter-patter of rainfall. Detective looks anxious/close up on face/walks on through to the High School/Overhead shot.

*Fade into darkness, the shift in the sounds as the detective walks into the School – lightening flashes through the windows (with these flashes have small flashes of images of the girl)

*More close ups of the detectives face as he walks towards the door at the end of the corridor.

*Text appears on screen before the detective opens the door “Do you dare enter?” (This is where the sound stops suddenly and the scene changes to the last room of the trailer)

*Heartbeat sounds are heard here, with the camera looking around the room, falls on the little girl staring down the lens (perhaps the first time far away, then a second later right in the screen.)

(Scene time approx 30-40 seconds)

End section of trailer

*Screen fades back up to the playground scene of the little girl sitting on the swing/Fade in the film title


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