Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Logo Design

For the logo design we had a choice between the names freemind and newblood, we eventually decided on freemind. I had two ideas primarily, one involving winged brains and the other a brain in captivity, hooked up to various television monitors.

I went with the latter idea as we were already pretty sure at this point that we wanted to do a piece based in the 50's and the idea felt  like nostalgia toward a campy Sci-fi golden age.

Pretty soon I realized that the idea that had looked so impressive in my minds eye was not transferring particularly well to paper, I had visions of there being a monitor for each letter of the title and that there would be no one type font , just a series of different ones that would flash on and off in relation to the brains squirms.

I should probably mention at this point that I planned to animate the logo, nothing fancy, just something that would look good as a gif header, unfortunately the final product turned out to be a bit to heavy duty for blogger, its typical that I would put so much effort into something that was ultimately useless.

This is my first attempt at transferring the logo from the sketchbook to the computer.

I like the quality of the colour and the reflective glaze of the glass dome.

Yet ultimately I felt that the general shape was to asymetrical in the worst way possible, so I started again.

The cracked glass I felt was one of the more redeeming features of this attempt.

So this is what I ended up with, I stripped the tvs down to just the one and tried to make the whole thing a bit more minimal, more like a logo.


  1. Ita not useless coz it can go at the start of the final animation ;)

  2. Business Logo Designs are the first coat of paint on a website. I almost said the foundation but I think a content management system like WordPress is more of the foundation. We use logos as starting point of the sites we design.