Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Artistic stylisation

For this project we need to fit the visuals to a dark yet innocent style of approach to the animation. To do this we first need real evidence of visual reference, as it would be foolish to create these images that we have seemingly started without any inspirational solid background.

Here are a few Cartoons which I think work within the realms of imagery that we should be working within.

  • Dark:
  1. Ren and Stimpy

This rather dark Cartoon was once a main feature on Cartoon Network. Somehow it's sinister undertone was overlooked and it was classed as a daytime children's TV show. I find it amusing but it is full of disturbing undertones and imagery. The character design in this is simplistic, over exaggerated and their colour schemes are more evil, primal an in appearanc. You could easily make these characters become evil henchmen 

Here is an image of the toilet in which the little girl hides

Sound scapes for trailer

Here are some of the sound scapes for the trailer, the first being where we look out onto the City through the Ghost Detectives window, to then the scene inside his Office.

City Soundscape by Darkart

This second sound is where the detective has gone to the School to investigate the ghostly goings on and encounters the evil school girl who seeks revenge on any adult who gets in their way as she blames them for not helping her when she was bullied badly at school.

Inside and Outside school sounds by Darkart