Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tightening the StoryBoard

 An assortment of 50's characters for reference

So i've noticed that we need to start looking at how we  are going to base or world in the 1950's, looking at things such as fashion trends, hairstyles and the school building itself. At this moment I am going back over our storyboard and am trying to make certain things as clear as possible to save confusion when we get to the modeling phase.

I like the basic structure of the storyboard but I think we might want to start looking at the shots involved and see where we can chop out unnessacery extras or maybe even fairly nessacery ones. Theres only three of us, so we need to be clever about what we show and how we model, the better we know the shots, the easier this will be.

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  1. Refer to some of my earlier posts, I did look into visual references. It could help.