Wednesday, 19 October 2011

High School Revenge Synopsis Further Ideas

After the last group meeting we have decided to combine the synopsis i put together with the one Chris developed. Hopefully this will be a more concrete idea and we will be able to smooth over the odd things that we want to change.

Idea 1:

The film follows a girl who suffers from the hands of bullies, but also suffers from a higher power. For unknown reasons, she holds the power to make bad things happen to people that cause her discomfort, pain or anguish. After some very over the top bullying, some of the bullies start to go missing. Resulting in a detective being called in to find out what has been going on.

Interviewing many students and teachers, who have no idea what has been going on. There was only one person who has an idea of what has been going on, the maths teacher witnessed the girl acting strange and drawing evil, demonic pictures in her school book during class, implying that this girl had something to do with the missing students.

At first the teacher doesn't tell the detective about what she has seen, that is until more people go missing and she has a close encounter with the girl and her weird powers. Eventually telling the detective everything, who does need some persuading as the story sounds so out of control. He then calls in a priest to help with the matter, to help and try and rid the girl of the evil presence within this girl.

However when they try to confront the girl, the detective is hurt by her and it is down to the priest and maths teacher to stop her from hurting any more people. After a large amount of attacks happen within the canteen, the priest manages to stop the girl, with help from the maths teacher. They extract whatever evil is inside the girl. The final scene sees the girl walking back into school as if the past couple of days hasn't even happened.

Idea 2:

The story follows a shy, plain girl in an ordinary high school who gets bullied alomost every school day. She is very quiet, keeps herself to herself, always with her hair over her face and has those eyes that look like they are never ending and have no soul.

During one day she suffers an even bigger barrage of bullying, at first she gets picked on by the girls in her P.E class, then she is tripped up as she walks through the lunch hall and as she walks to the library after school, the jocks throw something that hits her on the back.

But that night whilst studying late night night in the library, she comes across a strange book which holds the experiences of a girl 50 years ago who used to get bullied and had come across some old text that gave her the power to control and overpower anyone she wanted to.

After re-reading the words from this book, she leaves the library, thinking it is just some mumbo-jumbo rubbish that will never come true. The next morning when she wakes up she still feels the same, dissapointment, fear and depression of having to face another day of bullying.

However this day is very different, as she gets off of the school bus to cross the road, two of the cheerleaders make horrible comments about her. As she crosses the road she wishes that these two girls would just get hit by a bus and never bother her again. All of a sudden the screch of wheels and a loud thud are heard from behind her, the two girls have been killed by the school bus.

This freaks her out, scaring her making her think she is the reason for this. But throughout the day she starts to come to terms with the power she thinks she has. This results in more and more so called accidents happening. A detective is called in to work out these mysterious happenings, but cannot find any leads. That is until the maths teacher spots the girl standing behind one of the popular girls who bully her, at the top of the stairs.

The popular girl from out of nowhere falls down the flight of stairs, without the mysterious girl not even touching her, as the girl stands at the top of stairs, her face lights up and a smile spreads across it. At first the teacher keeps it quiet, because she thinks its just a coinsidence. But as more accidents happen she tells the detective everything, who takes some persuading.

They then try to work out how she is doing these awful things, calling in a priest to help prevent the growing number of killings. Finally they figure out that she has gained these powers through the book, after tracking down the book from the library, they find that at the end of the book it says that anyone who uses the powers of the text can only be stopped if the demons within are drawn out, using the words at the end of the book. But this may result in the reader and the girl being killed.

A final showdown in the canteen results in more killings and the detective getting injured as the girl tries to kill the main bully. With the help of the teacher, it is down to the priest have to stop the girl and extract the demons from within her.... The final scene shows the school with kids walking into school as if nothing has happened.

The ending to idea 2 is a little weak, so hopefully with some feedback we can fix that and get started on the storyboards.

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