Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Storyboard Scenes

After completing the story i have filtered out all of the unneeded points and managed to pick out the most important and stand out scenes for the trailer. These are the 25 scenes that i think can give the most to the trailer. There are a few scenes that will require a little more detail and perhaps two or three extra frames for the animatic.

1: Camera opens on the school, slowly the camera moves closer to the school.

2: Cuts to Melissa (main character) being tripped up on the way to her seat in the canteen by one of the jocks. (Her tray of food flies everywhere, first camera angle sees it as she walks past tables, then camera is in front of her as she is tripped)

3: Cuts to her running to the toilet crying.

4: She looks into the mirror, crying ( camera is where the mirror would be, looking at the girl)

5: From the same camera angle she looks down to the floor, or puts her head in her hands.

6: The camera then pans round, so we are now behind the girl, showing her in the mirror, but her reflection isnt of her, but of the evil girl looking back, smiling.

7: The light starts to flicker, from same camera angle.

8: The lights go out and we hear the girl scream

9: Cuts to headteachers office (outside the room, hearing her speaking on the phone to a detective tellling him that in the past few days some students have gone missing)

10: Cuts to later in the day with detective talking to a group of students in the hall way asking them about anything they might know about the missing students.

11: The R.E teacher sees the girls book over her shoulder in class, where she sees demonic pictures of the missing students and what it would appear she has done to them.

12: Cuts to terrified and worried look in teachers face.

13: Detective holds meeting in teachers lounge, but the R.E teacher keeps quiet of what she has seen. ( Camera shows all teachers sitting there, and then zooms in on her face.)

14: Same teacher then sees girl standing behind popular girl, who has bullied her. Without touching the girl she falls.

15: Tells detective what she has scene in her classroom, and gives him her R.E book.

16: He calls priest to try and help work out the meanings in the book.

17: The detective, R.E teacher and priest question the girl in the classroom. Camera is behind the three adults.

18: Over the priests shoulder, you see in the book the image of the girl laying on the floor in the janitors closet in the far end of the school. The priest realizes this isnt actaully the girl.

19: He tells the other two to run and find her. Camera is looking from his hand to the door. As the door closes, the girl is standing up behind the priest.

20: The detective and teacher run down the corridor. camera from in front and then the side

21: The camera sees the detecives hand open the door

22: They see the girl unconcious on the floor, the camera in between the two adults. The small light in the room showing the girl.

23: the camera then pans round to look up from where the girl is laying to the teacher and detective.

24: The light flickers. camera still in the same position

25: As the light flickers back on and off, you see the evil girl standing between the two aults.

End of Trailer

Chris or Dave if there is anything i have missed please let me know and i will ammend this.


  1. Artwork, artwork, artwork. Where is the design work on this blog?

    Also, as a group I have not seen you for a single tutorial. Worrying!

    Warning - You are seriously behind. Pick up the pace or you will be seriously exposed at the Pitch.

    David you need to contact me asap.

  2. Indeed Alan. Im unwell at the moment, its been a horrible week for coming in and trying to meet up with everyone to figure out whats going on. Its so in the air, ive wanted everything sorted earlier rather than end up like this. Communication hasn't been great at all. Nothing seems to happen and it's making me feel like im back in the bad position of last year, I wanted to just get on with this when things seemed quiet but as its a group project I couldn't go on without consent from anyone else coz I just dont have heart to do so, plus whenever one things done then someone comes back with something completely different. Then it never gets posted. Its annoying that the whole aggreed story has come around within the last few days but now I know whats going on and theres a grip between the group members it should be easier to persue this project further and quickly. I really hate this feeling of being behind and hanging around trying to find out whats going on with it is as a result affecting my concentration on the rest of the course. I cant have that, not again. Im too nervous to be humiliated infront of peers by this and therefore worried it would make me shy away, id rather get a slap and keep working without feeling like an idiot. Sorry about the rant im just frustrated by all this and its just not gone as smoothly as I wanted it so far. I realise this has put me in a position that just looks like the me from last year, but im really not wanting to be that again.