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Storyboard For Animatic

Scenes 1 - 4

Scenes 5 - 8

Scenes9 - 12

Scenes 13 - 16

Scenes 28 - 31

Scenes 32 - 33

High School Revenge trailer script (PLUS FINAL UPDATE)

High School Revenge
Freemind Animations 

By Dave, Matt and Chris

*Freemind animated logo*/Fades into the first scene through black.

We hear a School Bell, hear the busy nattering voices of children and see the School come into focus. The Camera slowly zooms into the School.

Flash fade into the next scene.

The Camera follows the victimised School Girl Melissa in the Canteen, carrying her lunch tray, head down, with a slight tremble in her posture. (In the background to her we see the vicious, pointed, intimidating silhouettes of other School Children who are chanting at her in the background.)

*Narrators voice* "In the School, she is victim."

The camera angle changes suddenly to be in front of Melissa, where we see her being tripped up and fly forward towards the screen.

*Her tray and food scatter around the room with a loud metallic crash, sinister coaxing laughter errupts through the scene* We see Melissa's face look up, with a sad and worried expression on her face, yet so helpless she almost appears too exhausted to convey too much response.

*music paces on/scene fades out*

Narrator "But not for long"

*scene cuts in suddenly* We hear heavy breathing noises, quick footsteps of Melissa running down a corridor. The brief scene of the girl's panting mouth, anxiously running down the corridor fills the screen. Slam. *door closes*

The scene changes and we see Melissa in the toilet in front of the mirror by the sinks.

Narrator "When your so full of fear and hate, it becomes your reality"

The girl looks up, the sound of a heartbeat becomes louder, the panting goes away. The lights start to flicker.

*Sudden zoom in closer*

Narrator "A reality which can consume all that is good within you"

The lights cut out, with Melissa seemingly unaffected.

Melissa, crying with a helpless expression looks down into her hands in front of the mirror. Her reflection however, looks back up at her *heartbeat sound stops suddenly* with a look of malicious intent, with an unhomely look in comparison to the Girls regular appearance. The evil looking "twin" of this girl smiles with a scary, intimidating grin. The scene fades and we hear the girl scream.

*Scene cuts straight to the outside of the principles office. we can see the silhouette of the principle through his door window,

the scene stays static throughout.*

Principle "Hello there Detective, I would like to report the strange disappearance of some of my pupils who failed to show up today, their parents said they all left to come in. Please ensure they have not got themselves into mischief, or that they are out of harms way. Thank you."

*music intensifys briefly, cuts to black at the same time the phone is hung up*

*Scene pans in from the right to left, from behind something instead of fading up from the black to ensure a smooth, different transition with the Detective questioning the pupils about the disappearance.* These scenes show different angles with the detective questioning the pupils as still images where the camera moves across them. This invokes a film noir, comic book style feel to the building action.

(amongst the nattering, random scats of chatter to students)

Detective "Have you seen these girls?"
Random School Children "No sir"
Detective "I am investigating the disappearance of your fellow students, have you heard anything?"
Random School Child "I thought they must just be off ill"
Detective "Is there a place these girls could like to hide?"
Random School Child "I don't know of them, I couldn't say"
Detective "Theres nothing, nothing at all..."

*scene changes to a busy classroom full of students*

Narrator "When a hunter is hiding amongst its prey, they cannot stay hidden forever"

The scene changes to a classroom, with religious imagery plotted around the room to suggest it is an R.E class.The teacher paces down the aisle, inspecting students work over their shoulders. He comes to stop at one student at the front of the class. It is Melissa.

*camera looks over Melissa's shoulder, you can clearly see in the book demonic imagery* The scene then turns onto the teachers worried expression, concerned by what he has seen. *chilling horror sounds flood the few moments the teacher realises Melissa's evil drawings as it changes to the next scene*

Narrator "Evil can never get away unnoticed with such an act"

*Scene is in a meeting with the Detective questioning the teacher about the source of the missing girls*

Detective "Have you seen anything suspicious Sir?"
Teacher "No, no I haven't, well... *the teachers face somewhat anxious thinking about Melissa's unusual drawings* no Sir, if I do I will report back to you immediately"

The Scene changes to the music becoming more intense, the teacher witnessing Melissa using some kind of magical force to hurtle a student down some stairs. "Your coming with me, theres things we must talk about" says the Teacher, nervously. The heartbeat sound thuds louder again, then surprisingly Melissa agrees. "OK, Sir." *holds out her hand to make the audience feel somewhat uncomfortable, some form of chilling noise needed here*

The scene changes, the heartbeat stops, the music is up in the air to reflect the confusing manner of the situation with the Teacher handing over the book with Melissa's drawings in.Teacher, passing over the book says "Here, I have found something very odd and unlike a certain child I know of, I would like you to take a look." The detective takes the book and opens it. "We will need the School priest for this issue" he says, with the camera zoomed into his face as he suggests it to make the notion seem sterner.

Note the pace of the scene changes is getting quicker to intensify the trailer and make it feel more exciting towards the end as it gets darker.

The next scene, camera is behind the girl sitting in the classroom, with the teacher, detective and priest all around her.

Priest "What is this imagery you draw of child? What do you mean of it? You do realise this is a Church of England establishment?"

Melissa says coldly "You and your friends will find out in time."

Narrator "Evil can play games that innocence cannot perceive"

The camera cuts to behind the Priest who is analysing the book, one picture directly suggesting where the original Melissa hides away, he immediately instinctively figures this to be the source of the problems. "The Lord instructs we must go here" he says. "Detective, you stay with the girl, make sure she is not to leave."In the background, Melissa's evil grin plays on her face once again.

Scene changes to the music louder and more intense, the priest and the teacher scurrying down the corridor reminiscent of Melissa's original purge to the toilet.

Cuts to black/fades up into view of the janitors closet.

Cuts to the Priest and the Teacher's facial expressions nodding in agreement with one another to enter. Scene cuts back to behind them opening the door, the lights begin the flicker. The heartbeat sounds intensify once more. It cuts to their faces once more, surprised, gasping in shock to find Melissa laying in front of them. Cuts to the open doorway to see Melissa there in front of them, with the missing girls hanging around her.

The lights dull down completely. The scene cuts to looking directly in front of the Priest and the Teacher, only to have the dark Melissa standing behind them. The expression on Melissa's evil face draws a wide, nasty grin, scowling up directly at the camera with her head down.

Melissa "Peekaboo"

The scene goes black. Title appears. Narrator "High School Revenge. Coming to get you soon."


Freemind Animations

UPDATED SCRIPT - This has been simplified into a new story altogether to make animating and the effect of the peice far more uncanny and spine chilling to endure.

High School Revenge Script
By Chris Simmons and Dave Ratcliffe

Intro to trailer

*Company logo fades in through black with soft eerie music chanting in the background* “Free mind Animations presents” (time approx 3 seconds)
*Sound of thunder booms through the fade back into a black screen which flashes up with the silhouette of the evil girl, then back up into the film logo* (time approx 5 seconds)
*We fade into a scene of a City through a window, camera moving over the City scape from several angles, we hear sirens and busy traffic*
*Music plays out seemingly more distant to its opening appearance as it enters the quiet space of the detective*
*Camera pans down from ceiling fan to the detective sitting smoking. Cut to a clock ticking for a few seconds, then return to the detective as a close up of his lips pulling on the Cigarette. Cut to full body shot of the Detective.*
Ghost Detective “It was a cold night in the City, as cold as the evil I was about to pursue.”
(Scenes time approx 10 seconds)
“New South Acres, 1953, I was called in to investigate on a strange series of events following the mysterious deaths at the local long abandoned high school where many say the ghost of a bullied child still lurks to this day to get her revenge on the adults that never helped her.”
*Close up of Detectives face again/fade into new scene showing several news papers reporting deaths at the local high school. Music at this point picks up in pace.* - “What could be lurking in this troublesome place?”

(Scenes time approx 15-20 seconds)

Mid section of trailer

*Slams into darkness once again – We hear the sound of a little girl laughing over the pitter-patter of rainfall. Detective looks anxious/close up on face/walks on through to the High School/Overhead shot.

*Fade into darkness, the shift in the sounds as the detective walks into the School – lightening flashes through the windows (with these flashes have small flashes of images of the girl)

*More close ups of the detectives face as he walks towards the door at the end of the corridor.

*Text appears on screen before the detective opens the door “Do you dare enter?” (This is where the sound stops suddenly and the scene changes to the last room of the trailer)

*Heartbeat sounds are heard here, with the camera looking around the room, falls on the little girl staring down the lens (perhaps the first time far away, then a second later right in the screen.)

(Scene time approx 30-40 seconds)

End section of trailer

*Screen fades back up to the playground scene of the little girl sitting on the swing/Fade in the film title


Tightening the StoryBoard

 An assortment of 50's characters for reference

So i've noticed that we need to start looking at how we  are going to base or world in the 1950's, looking at things such as fashion trends, hairstyles and the school building itself. At this moment I am going back over our storyboard and am trying to make certain things as clear as possible to save confusion when we get to the modeling phase.

I like the basic structure of the storyboard but I think we might want to start looking at the shots involved and see where we can chop out unnessacery extras or maybe even fairly nessacery ones. Theres only three of us, so we need to be clever about what we show and how we model, the better we know the shots, the easier this will be.

Concept Art and Initial Ideas

 School Ideas, Back to the future?

 Hairstyle and clothing options we could go with for the little girl.

Draftwork and Original thumbnails for Concepts.

Black and white concept 1 No Idea what shes capable of

Concept 2 Creature Within

Concept 3 Unlikely Killer

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Logo Design

For the logo design we had a choice between the names freemind and newblood, we eventually decided on freemind. I had two ideas primarily, one involving winged brains and the other a brain in captivity, hooked up to various television monitors.

I went with the latter idea as we were already pretty sure at this point that we wanted to do a piece based in the 50's and the idea felt  like nostalgia toward a campy Sci-fi golden age.

Pretty soon I realized that the idea that had looked so impressive in my minds eye was not transferring particularly well to paper, I had visions of there being a monitor for each letter of the title and that there would be no one type font , just a series of different ones that would flash on and off in relation to the brains squirms.

I should probably mention at this point that I planned to animate the logo, nothing fancy, just something that would look good as a gif header, unfortunately the final product turned out to be a bit to heavy duty for blogger, its typical that I would put so much effort into something that was ultimately useless.

This is my first attempt at transferring the logo from the sketchbook to the computer.

I like the quality of the colour and the reflective glaze of the glass dome.

Yet ultimately I felt that the general shape was to asymetrical in the worst way possible, so I started again.

The cracked glass I felt was one of the more redeeming features of this attempt.

So this is what I ended up with, I stripped the tvs down to just the one and tried to make the whole thing a bit more minimal, more like a logo.

Evil School Girl concept

Here is the design for the demonic "side" to the School Girl featured within the trailer "High School Revenge".

Freemind Animations

These designs were a combination of two characters from the big screen.

  • Rhoda Penmark from "The Bad Seed". This character is an evil young twisted lady who always gets her own way with a dark, violent outcome.

  • Violet from "The Impossibles"

This is a good character with no links to the evil school girl within our animation at all however stylistically it shows a design style that we are fond on following.

Storyboard Scenes for Chris

These are the first draft storyboard drawings for Chris to complete the script.

Scenes 1 - 9

Scenes 10 - 18

19 - 26

27 - 30

Marketing - High School Revenge T-Shirt

To help aid with the marketing of the film, we think stirring up peoples attention by creating things such as T-Shirts would most definitely benefit the viewing figures of the film itself.

Here is a basic T-Shirt design with the logo of High School Revenge that will be printed and sold for promotional reasons.

T-Shirt designs being brought from

Freemind Animations

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Storyboard Scenes

After completing the story i have filtered out all of the unneeded points and managed to pick out the most important and stand out scenes for the trailer. These are the 25 scenes that i think can give the most to the trailer. There are a few scenes that will require a little more detail and perhaps two or three extra frames for the animatic.

1: Camera opens on the school, slowly the camera moves closer to the school.

2: Cuts to Melissa (main character) being tripped up on the way to her seat in the canteen by one of the jocks. (Her tray of food flies everywhere, first camera angle sees it as she walks past tables, then camera is in front of her as she is tripped)

3: Cuts to her running to the toilet crying.

4: She looks into the mirror, crying ( camera is where the mirror would be, looking at the girl)

5: From the same camera angle she looks down to the floor, or puts her head in her hands.

6: The camera then pans round, so we are now behind the girl, showing her in the mirror, but her reflection isnt of her, but of the evil girl looking back, smiling.

7: The light starts to flicker, from same camera angle.

8: The lights go out and we hear the girl scream

9: Cuts to headteachers office (outside the room, hearing her speaking on the phone to a detective tellling him that in the past few days some students have gone missing)

10: Cuts to later in the day with detective talking to a group of students in the hall way asking them about anything they might know about the missing students.

11: The R.E teacher sees the girls book over her shoulder in class, where she sees demonic pictures of the missing students and what it would appear she has done to them.

12: Cuts to terrified and worried look in teachers face.

13: Detective holds meeting in teachers lounge, but the R.E teacher keeps quiet of what she has seen. ( Camera shows all teachers sitting there, and then zooms in on her face.)

14: Same teacher then sees girl standing behind popular girl, who has bullied her. Without touching the girl she falls.

15: Tells detective what she has scene in her classroom, and gives him her R.E book.

16: He calls priest to try and help work out the meanings in the book.

17: The detective, R.E teacher and priest question the girl in the classroom. Camera is behind the three adults.

18: Over the priests shoulder, you see in the book the image of the girl laying on the floor in the janitors closet in the far end of the school. The priest realizes this isnt actaully the girl.

19: He tells the other two to run and find her. Camera is looking from his hand to the door. As the door closes, the girl is standing up behind the priest.

20: The detective and teacher run down the corridor. camera from in front and then the side

21: The camera sees the detecives hand open the door

22: They see the girl unconcious on the floor, the camera in between the two adults. The small light in the room showing the girl.

23: the camera then pans round to look up from where the girl is laying to the teacher and detective.

24: The light flickers. camera still in the same position

25: As the light flickers back on and off, you see the evil girl standing between the two aults.

End of Trailer

Chris or Dave if there is anything i have missed please let me know and i will ammend this.

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High School Revenge - Final Synopsis

The film follows a girl who suffers from the hands of malicious bullying, which gets to her and torments her life. She is innocent and shy, keeps herself to herself and doesn't put out any confidence. It is easy to see a change in someone like this, especially when this change comes from a source of ones own inner frustrations that surface to life quickly and in a physical manifestation.

One day the girl Melissa runs to the toilet crying, helpless to herself and broken down. She looks at her own image in the mirror before her, feels a strong surge of self dislike and bows her head in sadness. As she looks away however, we see her reflection still looking back at her, full of rage and anguish. The light flickers, the room goes dark and we hear a scream.

The next day a few of the bullies that victimise Melissa have gone missing, the teachers are concerned so the police are called. A Detective comes to the School to investigate the incident, where he comes to find that nobody knows anything of where these girls have gone.

One R.E lesson, a teacher notices the usually frail and quiet Melissa sat there at the front, drawing in her work book. What he comes to find is these images are not of what he would expect to see, they are demonic images suggestive to the disappearance of the girls that the detective is trying to discover. Melissa has an attitude which doesn't match her usual self, so he knows there is something seriously different about her. He lets it pass with somewhat a mindful concern to keep his eye on her in worry that she may be at harm.

One afternoon the teacher discovers Melissa standing behind a girl at the top of a flight of stairs. Using some unknown force she pushes the girl down the stairs. The teacher is both scared and stunned, he now knows who is causing the problems within the School. He decides that due to the paranormal aspect of what he witnessed and the dark images that he saw within the girls book that the only way to deal with this situation is by calling on the services of a Priest.

They get Melissa to be interviewed by the Priest and the Detective after the Teacher tells them everything that he has witnessed. The Priest reads Melissa's book and discovers the pictures suggestive to the incidents in the School and the fact that this is not who it seems to be sitting in front of them. The Detective decides to stay with the Girl and hold her in custody, while the Priest and the teacher go to the place that her picture suggests. They go to enter the Janitors closet in which the picture depicts Melissa to be and as they do the light starts subtly flickering in the corridor. As they open the door and discover Melissa to be curled up in the closet, we see the camera pan around and the lights flicker once again to reveal the evil girl to be standing behind them.

Freemind Animations

High School Revenge - Evil Girl

We have been sat down discussing a final story for the project, where we have decided that the girls possession is actually a force coming into the School, which is a result of her angst towards the bullies. The girl is locked away somewhere in the School and later in the film the only way to stop the problems is by rescuing her. Here is a perfect video that shows a way we could depict the moment that shows the girls "dark side" kicking in.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

High School Revenge Synopsis Further Ideas

After the last group meeting we have decided to combine the synopsis i put together with the one Chris developed. Hopefully this will be a more concrete idea and we will be able to smooth over the odd things that we want to change.

Idea 1:

The film follows a girl who suffers from the hands of bullies, but also suffers from a higher power. For unknown reasons, she holds the power to make bad things happen to people that cause her discomfort, pain or anguish. After some very over the top bullying, some of the bullies start to go missing. Resulting in a detective being called in to find out what has been going on.

Interviewing many students and teachers, who have no idea what has been going on. There was only one person who has an idea of what has been going on, the maths teacher witnessed the girl acting strange and drawing evil, demonic pictures in her school book during class, implying that this girl had something to do with the missing students.

At first the teacher doesn't tell the detective about what she has seen, that is until more people go missing and she has a close encounter with the girl and her weird powers. Eventually telling the detective everything, who does need some persuading as the story sounds so out of control. He then calls in a priest to help with the matter, to help and try and rid the girl of the evil presence within this girl.

However when they try to confront the girl, the detective is hurt by her and it is down to the priest and maths teacher to stop her from hurting any more people. After a large amount of attacks happen within the canteen, the priest manages to stop the girl, with help from the maths teacher. They extract whatever evil is inside the girl. The final scene sees the girl walking back into school as if the past couple of days hasn't even happened.

Idea 2:

The story follows a shy, plain girl in an ordinary high school who gets bullied alomost every school day. She is very quiet, keeps herself to herself, always with her hair over her face and has those eyes that look like they are never ending and have no soul.

During one day she suffers an even bigger barrage of bullying, at first she gets picked on by the girls in her P.E class, then she is tripped up as she walks through the lunch hall and as she walks to the library after school, the jocks throw something that hits her on the back.

But that night whilst studying late night night in the library, she comes across a strange book which holds the experiences of a girl 50 years ago who used to get bullied and had come across some old text that gave her the power to control and overpower anyone she wanted to.

After re-reading the words from this book, she leaves the library, thinking it is just some mumbo-jumbo rubbish that will never come true. The next morning when she wakes up she still feels the same, dissapointment, fear and depression of having to face another day of bullying.

However this day is very different, as she gets off of the school bus to cross the road, two of the cheerleaders make horrible comments about her. As she crosses the road she wishes that these two girls would just get hit by a bus and never bother her again. All of a sudden the screch of wheels and a loud thud are heard from behind her, the two girls have been killed by the school bus.

This freaks her out, scaring her making her think she is the reason for this. But throughout the day she starts to come to terms with the power she thinks she has. This results in more and more so called accidents happening. A detective is called in to work out these mysterious happenings, but cannot find any leads. That is until the maths teacher spots the girl standing behind one of the popular girls who bully her, at the top of the stairs.

The popular girl from out of nowhere falls down the flight of stairs, without the mysterious girl not even touching her, as the girl stands at the top of stairs, her face lights up and a smile spreads across it. At first the teacher keeps it quiet, because she thinks its just a coinsidence. But as more accidents happen she tells the detective everything, who takes some persuading.

They then try to work out how she is doing these awful things, calling in a priest to help prevent the growing number of killings. Finally they figure out that she has gained these powers through the book, after tracking down the book from the library, they find that at the end of the book it says that anyone who uses the powers of the text can only be stopped if the demons within are drawn out, using the words at the end of the book. But this may result in the reader and the girl being killed.

A final showdown in the canteen results in more killings and the detective getting injured as the girl tries to kill the main bully. With the help of the teacher, it is down to the priest have to stop the girl and extract the demons from within her.... The final scene shows the school with kids walking into school as if nothing has happened.

The ending to idea 2 is a little weak, so hopefully with some feedback we can fix that and get started on the storyboards.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Artistic stylisation

For this project we need to fit the visuals to a dark yet innocent style of approach to the animation. To do this we first need real evidence of visual reference, as it would be foolish to create these images that we have seemingly started without any inspirational solid background.

Here are a few Cartoons which I think work within the realms of imagery that we should be working within.

  • Dark and innocent characters within Cartoons
  1. Ren and Stimpy

This rather dark Cartoon was once a main feature on Cartoon Network. Somehow it's sinister undertone was overlooked and it was classed as a daytime children's TV show. I find it amusing but it is full of disturbing undertones and imagery. The character design in this is simplistic and over exaggerated. Their colour schemes are more evil, primal and use the less is more approach in appearance. You could easily make these characters become evil sidekicks in another show and they would still fit their purpose. They are funny, yet dark and your not able to take them too seriously. That is how the characters seemingly get away with also being loveable amongst their many controversial doings.

     2. Sleeping Beauty

Although full of heroism and fairies, I find the imagery used within Sleeping Beauty to be classically dark. The theme is of a pretty blackened nature too, a young girl cursed to die on her 16th birthday by the evil Witch Maleficant. It sticks close to anatomical likeness to the real world, however uses fine lines and shapes to emphasis the character and their personality. The more a character is a sidekick to another character the more indirect to realism they are, or the more a character is of a supernatural background the more they have exaggerated features.

     3. Salad fingers

This Cartoon is the optimum of installing unstable emotional responses into the audience by delivering an unorthodox approach to the characters depiction. He is almost like a stranded survivor on a lost world, reminiscing of a life he has long been separated from and as a result has twisted personal and social skills. The introverted nature of this show can make the audience feel very uncomfortable and it opens up humour or darkness by making the familiar become uncanny and threatening.

        4. THE BFG

Although this film is about a big friendly giant, the actual storyline and vast majority of the scenes are set in somewhat dark, intimidating environments. The fact we come to terms with a young girl being taken away from her bed at night is strong enough to be disturbing in itself, however then we come to find the captor is a Giant from another realm that travels to Earth every night to deliver dreams to people. Although you feel safe with the Giant it's humble character covers up well for a scary undertone that is socially and morally questionable. We see other Giants in this film, all of which are evil, scary and intimidating especially considering this is a Children's film. Each of these Giants have over exaggerated features to make them stand out and perform their character's identity to the best that it can. It uses many dull colours for the darker characters and questionably dark scenes. The human characters are a step away from being realistic, still keeping to the slightly strange world of fantasy and keeping it's innocence noticeable. There are also elements to suggest a very dream like state of depiction throughout the movie, which leaves you in a sense of awe and fulfilled attention.

  • Cartoon styles within the 1950's
During the 1950's and 60's it was rare a Cartoon would be based on a female character, or include one for that matter. The approach to visual depiction was usually more aimed towards realism with a slight attention aimed away from a perfect image to being more about the shapes built to represent a character to its best while still at its most simplistic.

  1. Top Cat
  2. Snagglepuss
  3. Huckleberry Hound
  4. Fred Flintstone
  5. Tom and Jerry
All have a very similar style drawing wise, plus a similar feel when it comes to portraying the characters humour to the audience.


    Friday, 14 October 2011

    Title For High School Revenge

    I have set about on getting on with the logo for our film. After a quick chat with Dave and some hard work in trying to find the text that suited our film i have come up with a logo that i feel fits perfectly with what type of genre the film is going to be.

    I gave it the extra touch of blood trickling down the letters as it gives it that extra spooky look, as well as keeping in touch with the 50s style. Hopefully with some feedback from Dave and Chris i can finish this off or change it anyway they feel it could benfit and then start on the next part of the project.