Thursday, 1 December 2011

3D Set Design Progress

Initial Street Scene

The establishing shot of our trailer. It needs to establish our theme and get peoples attention, so I've tried to make it quite grand in scale and the camera angle is off at an angle much like a number of shots from Touch of Evil and various other Film Noirs. The idea is that the camera starts low down by a man hole and rises with steam up towards the detectives window.

Early school corridor progress

Much more to do here, reference has been built up now, This scene will be used in various forms to depict different areas of the school, change of prop here, different texture there.

School entrance for establishing shot.

Yet More progress on the street scene, this has been held up on account of my computer crashing, but its just about getting back to what it was, I've since been saving after every tiny tweak I make, my computers deceptive, it hasn't crashed in some time.

As you can see, the scenes getting there and the more I model, the easier it becomes to build as many features can be used over and over such as windows, fire escapes, lamp posts, you get the idea.

Once modeled to a fair degree I think we ought to texture these using line drawings, and image planes, we can then experiment with camera moves, thus making both our storyboard and pre-vis, once these aspects are resolved we can then take the textures we have already created and refine them, add any features we feel necessary after closer scrutiny and replace character image planes with fully modeled  and rigged characters

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