Thursday, 1 December 2011

A few low budget uncanny horror films

Here we can see the 1977 film "The Uncanny", which is about how Cat's are evil supernatural beings who are actually able to control the world around them for their own advantage. It is said in the movie that Cat's are said to be the Devil in disguise, a notion which can refer to the concept of a Witches black Cat.

The Cat's seem to take revenge on the people who get in the way of their Masters or themselves, whenever something stands in their way they stop at nothing to put thing's back the way they want it.

Amusingly, sticking with this subject of evil Cat's I found a more modern Korean film entitled "The Cat's" which again conveys Cat's as an evil source of influence and power. It has a lot of comparisons to the film "The Uncanny", feels more paced and jumpy which is more than enough to put you off your little feline friend for good. It is jumpy and full of good attempts at building anticipation.

This film throws together the slightly quirky, uncanny elements of the above films, however puts the audience into the first person perspective that The Blair Witch Project does. Grave encounters is set within an abandoned Mental Hospital that is reported to have paranormal activity occurring within so a young team of enthusiastic investigators decide to go out and discover the truth for themselves. In the film it is said this was the "last episode of the series" from the team that was never aired to the public for 6 year's... until now. Just like in the group project, films like this could really help to show the simple nature of uncanny scares that this group project should aim for. It is easy to approach the film using footage in this way as it can be done requiring less of an extravagent storyline and large amount of characters.

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  1. I remember watching 'The Uncanny' when it was on telly when I was but a nipper - nope, wasn't scary in the least! :)