Thursday, 1 December 2011

Group project update: 01 December 2011

As many have been aware this project seemed to take a slow start, communication being an issue which slumped the structure of the team into no man's land - a chaotic mess of not knowing where to turn or fire. The way in which this has been overcome was by finally pulling together, discussing this issue with a firm agreement to the concept we need to perform together more to help keep the work flow more consistent and so we feel in full mind with knowledge in what we are creating.

I believe it is important to note that we are now a man down as unfortunately Matt Munday has decided to leave the course entirely, we wish him luck in his future endeavours.

As a result of this, the work load has been revised over and brought down to a more realistic if not better project overall. We plan to keep within our genre playing feild of Film Noir and Horror, yet approaching with less vagueness about the storyline, giving the audience an idea of why the characters are in their situation and then throwing out suspensive moments from within the film. This should leave the audience with a "feel" for the films pursuit which as a whole should play on their mind and anticipate them to want to see more.

To make this project less work than it currently is we have also decided to narrow down the amount of characters to two. This has in some way's morphed the storyline into a more lonely, dread filled horrorific atmosphere which makes it easier to meet our deadline plus deliver a better feeling peice overall. The original script had the characters searching for the girl while she is in the proccess of actively commiting such acts, now it is one character searching for the girl after she has commited multiple acts of evil, almost as if this is more so an investigation into a Demonic haunting.

We have decided to keep our opening shot of the "Dectective" with his breif monoluge to inform the audience into why the Detective must go to the School and what the issue around the little Girl is about. It will go into the School via a headline on a newspaper, in which the Headline will further help the audience to grasp the concept of the overall plot. The camera will zoom into the picture of the High School, which will "come to life" as a scene where the trailer will start to take place within the grounds of the School under the intense, uncanny enviroment that the Girl lurks within. It is from this moment that we suddenly feel more alone and under the watchful eye of an evil, chilling character which turns the genre from Noir to Horror pretty quickly.

Chris and Dave
Freemind Animations

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  1. Good stuff - time to motor then gentlemen. Make this happen!