Thursday, 24 November 2011


Hey guys, its Chris. I have a good feeling about the way this project could go, however we really need to pick it up - not saying what we have contributed together or what we have done is bad at all but I mean we need to work together as a team more, theres an unjust amount of work as a result. Some peices of work even still remain unseen due to an unorganised flow of desicions. We need to change this laid back attitude FAST - we have 8 weeks left. So far this project has been pretty sporadic overall when it comes to attending get togethers, I think we can count the amount of times we have got together on one hand and for 10 weeks in thats not good!

I have organised a meeting with the tutors to discuss our position and to give us job roles and to help analyse our current progression with the unit.

All the best

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