Monday, 19 September 2011

"Team H" Team name ideas.

As everything relating to the group project so far as been under a working title, I have decided to plot down a few ideas of my own that could be useful for a name. A good name is what gets your company noticed, sticks in peoples minds and should be original enough to get easy hits on search engines. Here are a few of my ideas:

  • The H-Team (Spoof title made in class)
  • Hands on Animations
  • Timescale Animations
  • Frame by Frame Animations
  • Pixplosion (It makes sense to me!)
  • New Blood Designs
  • Recharged
  • Primeval Designs (Just sounds cool!)
  • The Toon Wagon! (As were not making Cartoons, I doubt it would work, but it definitely made me chuckle!)
  • Freemind Productions
  • Zen Animations
  • The Resurrection
  • Second Coming Animations (Yup, a cheesy comparison of my group to a Messiah himself!)
Any ideas for cool names, throw them my way! (Especially Dave and Matt!)

I think we should go with something professional, not too cheesy or distant from the tone of "High School Revenge". Which when you look at my list, doesn't leave much. Its just a few ideas however as im itching to design a logo but cant as we don't have a name yet!


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