Monday, 19 September 2011

Brief introduction to our project (Chris)

For our first brief, we have been given the challenge of creating a small, animated 1 minute 30 second "B-Movie" style trailer.

This team is comprised of:
  • Matt
  • Dave
  • Chris
Together we are, well, we don't have a company title yet! Our first challenges are to create company logo's and research on High School "Horror" flicks in general. Any ideas for story lines that are conceived shall be placed on our blogs to then collectively discuss at a later date.

Here are a few  films which jump to mind when on the subject of High School films which somewhat involve revenge or a reaction of a character.Here are a few of the films I remembered earlier in our group discussion:

  • "The Nutty Professor" (1963)

This film shows a shy, geeky and desperate College Professor named Julius Kelp transform himself into the local adolescent heart throb "Buddy Love". This alter ego takes over his life, helps him to pursue his deepest desires for popularity which in turn leads to him craving his own personality back due to a shift in self understanding. It's full of funny, touching and  meaningful suggestions which help the audience to feel positive about who they really are.

  • Scary Movie (2000)

This film is based upon a group of American High School Teenagers who face a masked killer stalking them down one by one in revenge of an accidental murder they caused a year previous. Although its full of comical moments, this film has its fair share of blood and gore suitable for churning any non-sadistic stomach. The way in which it pushes and pulls the audiences anxiety levels as to what happens next is well done and really reflects the attitudes of adolescent behaviour.

We have already decided that due to the nature of our projects title, it should follow a more serious approach in both storyline and artistic direction.

Of course we must remember that in the 1950's era of film-making what we consider as gory today wouldn't of been heard of back then. The violence needs to be presented in to what the modern audience would perceive as an almost comical fashion in comparison to a modern horror film.


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